Jendryk, Hamer and Begley is an analytics based law firm serving insurance companies and their customers throughout Northern Illinois.

We focus on timely reporting, controlling fees and expenses, and minimizing exposure to achieve optimum results for our clients.

Efficient Case Evaluation

From the onset, our experienced attorneys assess each case and provide you with a forthright assessment including your potential exposure, and the cost and timing of achieving your desired outcome.

Drive Case to Resolution

Our attorneys take the initiative to press the issues that provides leverage and expedites settlement of your litigation often resulting in a more favorable resolution for our clients and in less time.

Analytics Driven Performance

Our firm measures those variables that are most important to our clients.  We benchmark our performance against past measures to continually improve which directly benefits our clients. 

Cost Effective Solution

We work with our clients upfront to determine the most effective means to achieve the optimal resolution of claims, eliminating unnecessary billing, subpoenas, depositions and other legal expenses.